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4 Obvious Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring A Taxi Service In Melbourne

4 Obvious Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Taxi Service in Melbourne

Choosing a taxi service provider in Melbourne is not a big deal. You will find a lot of them around you. The catch lies in picking up a reliable and competent one from that crowd of service providers, each of which claims to be the best in the business.

You must not take their claims by their face value. You need to do a lot of fact-finding and research. There are a number of parameters to gauge a provider of taxi service in Melbourne. Easy availability, pro-customer approach, punctuality, flexibility, professionals, customisation are some of the parameters that determine the efficiency and competency of these service providers. We at Melbourne Taxi Booking KALKALLO pride in stating that we have excelled in all the parameters and have become one of the most trustworthy names in the fraternity of Melbourne taxi service providers.

Nevertheless, you need to ask 4 very pertinent questions to a taxi service provider before booking a taxi.

Question#1: Are you authorised to provide the service?

Indeed, it is the first and foremost question you MUST ask the company. Ask whether it has the licence to operate as a taxi service provider or not. In other words, you need to check whether the company in question is authorised or not. When a company is licenced, it indicates, their drivers are experienced and are covered under insurance. It indicates that you are in safe hands during the trip.

Question#2: Do your charges abide by the industry standards?

Not every provider of 13cabs service in Melbourne would charge you honestly or have transparency in their service cost. Only the reputed and seasoned ones do so! There are some service providers with ulterior and unfair motives who would either charge you exorbitantly high or will come up with service costs that are too low to be true. Either of them need to be avoided. Only the ones that offer services at realistic costs as per the industry standards need to be considered. Hence, ask the company whether they do so or not!

If possible, you can ask for references from them and get in touch with some of their old customers to know the reality. Go through the testimonials on their website.

Question#3: What is the condition of your vehicles?

This is another very important question that must never be left out! You must consider the state of affairs of the vehicles before you put money on a taxi service provider. Ask them about the safety and comfort measures they take when dealing with their vehicles as all these will add to your traveling experience.

Make sure that the vehicle provided for your travel is in the pink of condition. The conditions of seats, the air conditioning system, the overall ambience inside, the mechanical condition and the functionality have to be at the optimal and up to the satisfactory level if you are to enjoy its service.

Question#4: What provisions do you have to meet my last-minute change in the itinerary?

Well, this is another very important question you need to seek the answer to! You need to check whether the company is ready to be flexible enough to meet your travel needs, in case you have some last-minute change in itinerary. Otherwise, there is no need to hire that service provider.

We are proud to state that Melbourne Taxi Booking KALKALLO excels on all these fronts. This has made us one of the most vetted names in the fraternity of taxi service providers in and around Melbourne. If you are to book a taxi for traveling in Melbourne simply call us up at 1300 406 466 for further queries.

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